Tabasamu Turns Ten Fundraiser


Can you name two of the top three most common diseases on Earth?
Whatever you may have guessed, I’m pretty sure you’re wrong.
The answer is tooth decay and gum disease. And both are not only preventable, but fixable.
Which is where Tabasamu comes in.
Tabasamu, a kiswahili word for “smile”, is a non-profit service organization that views dental decay and disease as a fixable problem. Our mission is to bring dental health education to developing countries where there is little or no access to dental health. We have two programs; “Tooth Tours” which brings dental education directly to school children aged between 5 and 18, and “Teach the Teachers” (T3), which provides dental education to teachers. A long-term approach to dental health must begin with education for one does not value what one does not understand.
Now it in its 10th year, Tabasamu is seeking funding to continue its current work in Haiti, and expand its prevention programs to include fluoridation, where there is no natural fluoridation in its water supply.
Will you partner with us on this most essential venture?

To join us for our celebration click here.


My experience with TABASAMU was one of a kind. Being an American trained dentist, from Ghana, West Africa, I realized how fortunate I am to be living and practicing dentistry in the United States. The little things I took for granted ie. medical/dental care, housing, roads and transportation, became very much appreciated after my experience with the wonderful team I traveled with to Kitale, Kenya. I am also grateful that the total cost of my trip to Kitale, was all paid for by TABASAMU !!!
Professionally, my story with TABASAMU drew a very wide interest during all my post graduate interviews at Harvard, Columbia and the University of Washington in Seattle. I developed the desire to want to be the best in order to be in a position where I can give back in the future, either financially or with my time, resources and talent. My best part of the day was when TABASAMU team members came together as one, to share our hearts and minds, in however anyone liked to express themselves spiritually. It made me believe that regardless of race, culture, faith, and educational background, we can all be united by one common goal that moves us towards fulfilling a human need. In doing so I realised how vulnerable we all are and how there is strength in unity.

Dr. Richard Ansong


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