Tabasamu Turns Ten Celebration

On May 3, Tabasamu celebrated its 10th year anniversary with a wonderful celebration at the extraordinary Soultree Barn in Pipersville, PA. Thanks to an enthusiastic and creative event committee, led by: Marie Noel Mongine, Jay Wholley, Lisa Berkeley , David Phillips , Janice and Mark Waldman , Maria Hazen-Lewis and Michael Lewis, Trey Wilson and Tim Hall, the event was a wild success. With over 200 attendees, the celebration featured Haitian superstar Emeline Michel and Band, and the food was provided by Hugh Mangum of Mighty Quinns and Marti Lieberman of Mac Mart Cart. Tabasamu owes a tremendous amount of thanks to all who made it happen.

A warm smile at Tabasamu Turns Ten check in

Some choose to mingle at the tent

While others choose the barn

Dr Edward Wilson

Marie Flore Chipps from Zanmi Lasante

Dr Serge Antoni Riche

Emeline Michel and band got the party started

Marti Lieberman of Mac Mart Cart was there

A successful auction

Spirits unhampered by a little rain

The double rainbow showed the joyous conclusion

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